Not to save our planet. The big picture tells us it is pretty robust. Rather to share and wonder at it’s mystery and complexity as revealed by our best scientific efforts to understand it.

9 Responses to About

  1. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Greg McNeill says:

    How thoroughly refreshing, someone who “gets it”. As a physicist I get asked by friends and family ,who hope I might know something (questionable), “hey man what about global warming”. I always answer “well actually we really don’t know very much, its not that we don’t know anything but just not very much. However, its almost certainly not about CO2. Remember Watergate, ‘follow the energy”.

  3. Scottar says:

    Nice stuff. I don’t doubt your credibility but what are your credentials?

    • gymnosperm says:

      Sheepherder and ignoramus.

      • Scottar says:

        You are a narrow minded idiot.

        I run in to challenges all the time about the validity of sources I reference to when I post comments against the alarmists and warmistas. Since this site does not reference the credentials of the poster then I can’t use it for a credible source no matter how credible the material. I can only hope to get some insights on what’s really happening with the climate beyond the warmista narrative.

        Your narrow mindedness paints the rest of us skeptics as uneducated Neanderthals, get a clue!

      • gymnosperm says:

        Flattery will get you nowhere. Although I’m flattered that you seem to think I was lying about my credentials, and I certainly hope you did not think I was saying my credentials pertain to you, the fact is those are my credentials. Appeals to the authority of credentials is a fool’s game in any event. If I were a drone cranked out by the academic machine I would have lost the perspective and the economic freedom to think freely. I don’t do origional climate research in the sense of renting this ship or using satellites or other big budget stuff only the drones can beg for. I do proletarian google research and amalgamate ideas in original ways.

        Badges? I don’t need no steenking badges.

  4. Scottar says:

    Credentials, what credentials? I don’t see any. Do you have any degrees, a linkedin page? Even your graphic links are from your own page. No references to where all your claims come from. If this was a paper thesis in a collage class the professor would laugh at you and throw it in the garbage pail regardless of weather he/she agrees with it or not. And that’s what the warmista’s would labeled it as, rubbish from a blog site. And it needs more fleshing out.

    That just the sad truth of your site. Get a clue willya!

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