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California Drought Update February 2015

It seems from the great wailing and moaning that we have arrived at a new definition of drought. The new definition is whatever is inconvenient for 30 million people regardless how much rain falls. I am a big fan of … Continue reading

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California Drought Update 4-14

For some reason the validated CDC data for March in San Francisco have been excruciatingly slow, and judging from local data will be revised down slightly. This is peculiar because it was raining hard as March came to a close … Continue reading

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Ah, the Frogs

Almost forgot about the frogs. It has been dry, desert dry, in California for so long. They are tiny creatures, like what we used to call “tree” frogs, but they live in the grass. You can never imagine there would … Continue reading

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A New Feature of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation?

We learn about things in mundane ways. Our conception of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) began with fish. Salmon are absolutely delicious. Tough handed people venture into dangerous conditions to catch them for us. It became apparent to the tough … Continue reading

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Some Things We’ve Noticed About the California Drought

California is a drought state. Our so called “Mediterranean” climate falls in a global zone just poleward of the great deserts and along the western continental margins that is characterized by winter rain and summer drought. Should we be surprised … Continue reading

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