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The Cretaceous Superchron, Beaufort Isochrons, and the Motion of North America

In the last post we explored a very peculiar set of seafloor isochrons in the Beaufort Sea and Arctic ocean. We found that a perpendicular shift in seafloor spreading defined the Cretaceous Normal Superchron, the longest known period in earth … Continue reading

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Idosyncratic Isochrons, and the Cretaceous Normal Superchron

The magnetic lineations in the ocean floor were first discovered using magnetometers designed for submarine detection. These isochrons are tenets of our notion of plate tectonics, yet many isochron patterns are inexplicable by our current tectonic model. We have previously … Continue reading

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Large Igneous Provinces, Temperature, Sea Level, and Extinctions

We had been looking at the stuff one can easily google regarding global temperature and large igneous provinces (LIP’s) and it seemed there might be something, so we dug in. There is an organization,, that has excel data in … Continue reading

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Around the World in Eighty Million Years

We have been doing a puzzle like you might have been given in first grade where there is some large animal with lines missing and your job is to connect the dots and fill it in. The joy is still … Continue reading

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