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The Holocaust (I mean) Pause Never Happened

Ironic that the Carbon cult who would accuse skeptical scientists of believing the moon landing was faked are now furiously adjusting the data to “disappear” the Pause. Actually, the very word “pause” presumes that warming will resume. Time scales become … Continue reading

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Everyone Loves Lists, Should We Worry or Not?

Take a big leap back in time. It is 1974, forty years ago. The planet has been cooling for thirty years. There is very real concern about this. The Pentagon is making Ice Age contingency plans. The scientific community is agnostic. … Continue reading

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The Pause That Refreshes

We hear more and more about the Pause. This pause refers to a hiatus in lower atmospheric warming for a human generation since 1997. This “pause” by its very name implies that warming will resume sometime soon. Only zealots will claim … Continue reading

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