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Paradise to Ice

There are Edens on earth today. They are not found toward the North and South Poles today, but for most of earth history they were.  What causes the planet to transition from paradise to ice is a matter of considerable … Continue reading

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Infinity and Things to Do.

Infinity is meaningless. Everything is nothing. When you rise every morning, the possibilities are infinite. The difference between everything and nothing is you.

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The Terribly Tenacious Trough

  Humans are prone to emotional conclusions like “the weather has gone crazy”. Last year at this time, even with the normal rainfall in the north half of the state, many asserted that California was in “new normal” permanent drought. … Continue reading

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Effective Radiative Level

There is this concept that by averaging all the different radiative spectra that satellites see from earth from very high altitudes an Effective Radiative Level can be derived that has meaning for the radiation balance for the planet. The basic … Continue reading

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The Apology of Chaos

One grows weary of the, “it’s a non-linear, chaotic system” apology for human failing to accurately model weather and climate. This idea seems to have stunted roots in the very different worlds of the Lorenz Butterfly, and quantum probability. Never … Continue reading

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Alternate “Facts” and Science.

Every “fact” so far that we naked apes have ever believed we have known, has proven to be incorrect at some level. The operative verb in the sentence above is “believe”. Alternate facts discovered by inquisitive people challenge the existing … Continue reading

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Einstein and Weight Loss

Weird idea of the day: why your excessive butt or belly is so unresponsive to exercise, but so responsive to how much you eat. Of course it is the equation. He won the Nobel Prize for something else, but the famous three term equation … Continue reading

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