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The Missing 13C

A couple years back we decided to try making an isotope integrated Carbon cycle model, to see if we could replicate the isotopic “excursions” evident in the geological record. This effort foundered because we couldn’t even balance the current Carbon … Continue reading

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Carbon Starved Planet

We owe the title of this book to Ferdinand Engelbeen, who wrote the words in one of many blog discussions some years ago. Ferdinand’s words resonated instantly as a title for the book we had been working on for several … Continue reading

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How Big is the Carbon Cycle?

Just google it and you will finds dozens of Carbon cycle illustrations. Most are cartoons, but half a dozen good ones can be filtered out. Mostly they agree in round numbers. The following by the IPCC is clearly the best: … Continue reading

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Doubling the Carbon Cycle

In the last post we had set out to model geological isotope excursions and found that our conception of the current Carbon cycle is so messed up that any venture into deep time hopeless. Specifically, when d13C values are integrated … Continue reading

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Cycling the Isotopes

We have long been interested in Carbon isotope “excursions” and took a notion to integrate isotope┬áratios into a simple box model of the Carbon cycle with an eye to replicating these excursions. The initial result was surprising and it became … Continue reading

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YGBFkiddinme, Low Emissions Grass?

From Nature Magazine┬áthis pearl of pulchritude: “The solution, says Michael Peters, an agronomist at CIAT and leader of the team that has developed the low-emissions grass, is to encourage ammonium to persist in the soil for longer, by suppressing microbial … Continue reading

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Dude, It’s Not About Carbon Dioxide

We know a lot about Carbon dioxide in a jar. We know the wavelengths it prefers to absorb and emit photons. We know it tends to mix efficiently with other gasses. We know it has a nearly magical affinity for … Continue reading

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