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A Quick Review of the Carbon Cycle

Quick review of the carbon cycle magnitude per NASA in Gt.: Ocean to atmosphere 90 Microbial respiration land 60 Plant respiration land 60 Human 9 ——— Total surface to atmosphere 219 Photosynthesis land 123 Atmosphere to Ocean 92 ——- Total atmosphere … Continue reading


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Please Don’t Feed the Feedbacks

Feedback is central to the alarmist narrative on several levels. Negative feedback seven times more powerful for CO2 loss (from pre-industrial level, it is non-linear) than positive feedback for an equal gain is critical for the hypothesis that Milankovitch cycles … Continue reading

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Deeper Doo Doo for Dendrochronology

Indices of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation are in close agreement for the period of the last seventy years. The NASA Multivariate Index and the Mantua Index only go back a hundred or so and they correlate very closely. These shorter … Continue reading

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