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Wild Rogue

It had been fourteen years since last running the wilderness section of the Rogue river with my two younger kids then chest high. The first June of the new millennium saw very high flows and few other boaters. The river … Continue reading

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The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and the Apple of Eden

We were camping in Eastern Oregon the night before a raft trip near the put in for Hells Canyon. It was a popular campsite and I noticed a young man with a striking tendency to put his hand to his … Continue reading

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A bit About Adiabatic, (Without the Devil)

Air does basically two things; either it warms and rises , or it sinks and cools. Winds follow the pressure gradients that emerge between these regimes. Ironically, cold air masses are warming and rising and warm air masses are sinking … Continue reading

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Reversals and the Carbon Dioxide Wind.

The most astonishing lesson in physics gained from floating rivers is the inclination of water to reverse direction and flow back into a “hole”. Even in the steepest rapid and in spite of its tremendous weight and momentum, when an … Continue reading

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Adventure and Science

What exactly is the distinction between play and work? The things some people do for recreation would seem like bloody hard work to others.I’ve spent a good part of my life climbing mountains and rafting rivers, and a good part … Continue reading

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