A bit About Adiabatic, (Without the Devil)

Air does basically two things; either it warms and rises , or it sinks and cools. Winds follow the pressure gradients that emerge between these regimes.


Ironically, cold air masses are warming and rising and warm air masses are sinking and cooling, yet we perceive the cooling air mass as warm and the warming air mass as cold.

Such heating and cooling is called adiabatic. It is a wonderful 19th century word that means “without the devil”. So all this warming and cooling occurs from changes in pressure without Mephistopheles being involved.


El Diablo remains very much in the details, of course, and even more so in the public perception that humans have influenced the position of the jet stream.

Mischief from apparent fires within the earth was very real to our forbears, watching volcanoes spew. Intolerable heat, endless repetitive work, cacophony. What better repository for sinners? And now we will raise Hades to earth with our carbonic sins?

But there is nothing diabolical about the jet stream. It is adiabatic.


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