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Socrates Died for our Sins

Was Socrates a troll? Maybe. He was not a diplomat. He sought no consensus. Still, hemlock? Given the chance to recant or drink, he drank. Human superstition is boundless. We are not enlightened beings. Advertisements

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Barefoot Gophernating

Barefoot gophernating is one of those senseless acts of beauty. First of all, it requires an illegal fuel-air bomb assembly a la Caddyshack. Actually, it is not illegal as a welding rig. Mine uses a standard torch handle and propane … Continue reading

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Star Trek and the Internet

This may seem a large span to bridge, but there was a unique concept of disassembly and reassembly In Star Trek that the internet converged to, if it didn’t copy it out right… “Beam me up” presumed not only that … Continue reading

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Construction and War

I was a union carpenter in the late seventies. I began as an apprentice, but quickly moved to journeyman in a few months. The master carpenters of that era were all surviving servicemen from WWII. They had an entirely different … Continue reading

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Paradise to Ice: Carbon Starved Planet Chapter 2

Chapter one can be found here. 2. Where Carbon Comes From   Water and element number six in the form of Carbon Dioxide are the two largest gaseous products of volcanic activity. Having floated around the universe for a while, … Continue reading

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Paradise to Ice

There are Edens on earth today. They are not found toward the North and South Poles today, but for most of earth history they were.  What causes the planet to transition from paradise to ice? This is a matter of considerable … Continue reading

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The Missing 13C

A couple years back we decided to try making an isotope integrated Carbon cycle model, to see if we could replicate the isotopic “excursions” evident in the geological record. This effort foundered because we couldn’t even balance the current Carbon … Continue reading

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