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What is Waiting in the Wings?

We recently finished a series of posts on the 2 good greenhouse gas in which we established that all the “earthlight”, the long wave spectra emitted at the temperature of the planet surface is extinguished within about 100 meters of the … Continue reading

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The 2 Good Greenhouse Gas II

When show a Carbonist that there is no evidence of CO2 causing significant “global” warming at any scale from deep time to the last 35 years as we did in the last post, they usually look at you funny and say, … Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty Irradiance to Radiance

Couldn’t believe it when it turned into a huge mathematical cluster to convert units of irradiance or spectral irradiance as used in models to radiance as used in measurements. Rather than get into the intricacies of spherical harmonics, figuring steradians, and … Continue reading

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