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Quantum Dot

Twinkle, twinkle quantum dot, What is true and what is not? Is all Isaac, Albert, and Niels¬†sought, Summarized inside you, dot? Should I believe, or should I not, A computer from your wiles be wrought? Should you shed more light … Continue reading

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YGBFkiddinme, Low Emissions Grass?

From Nature Magazine¬†this pearl of pulchritude: “The solution, says Michael Peters, an agronomist at CIAT and leader of the team that has developed the low-emissions grass, is to encourage ammonium to persist in the soil for longer, by suppressing microbial … Continue reading

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What is it with squares in nature anyway?

Actually, perfect squares are extremely rare in nature. Squares are human constructs. We imagine Pythagoras and the Greek philosophers drawing their squares in the sand, dividing the sides equally, connecting the divisions, and counting the resulting smaller squares to develop … Continue reading

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