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The 2 Good Greenhouse Gas III (Looking Up)

We have been looking down so far. What happens when you stand on the ground and point a spectrometer up? Interesting things.   In the CO2 bands around wave number 667 a spectrometer pointed up from the ground sees radiation at … Continue reading

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What Climate Sensitivity Should We Expect?

The great failing of climate science has been the inability to constrain the range of climate sensitivity to human CO2. The possible range remains from slightly negative to +5 degrees for a “doubling”. The concept emerged when the atmosphere was … Continue reading

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Pressure Broadening

In a recent blog post Dr. Roy Spencer took the skeptical community to task for a list of arguments he considers to lack merit. One of these was the argument that the CO2 absorption bands are saturated. He stated that … Continue reading

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The Dud PDO Index of Climate Sensitivity

Climate sensitivity is the response of the climate system to a given increment of CO2. It is often expressed as the response to a “doubling” of this gas from a pre industrial level. Estimates of climate sensitivity are all over … Continue reading

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