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The Dud PDO Index of Climate Sensitivity

Climate sensitivity is the response of the climate system to a given increment of CO2. It is often expressed as the response to a “doubling” of this gas from a pre industrial level. Estimates of climate sensitivity are all over … Continue reading

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The Hawaiian/Emperor Seamounts and How Island Arcs are Formed

Ever wonder why offshore island arcs should form at random spots in the oceans? No? Don’t worry, its a far fig newton. We offer here the suggestion that the locations are not random, that island arc trenches and probably spreading ridges and … Continue reading


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The Dim Sum, Microbial Dark Matter and Wine Dark Seas

The oceans are a microbial soup I like to call the Dim Sum. It is an appropriate pun because it is both dim in the sense we don’t understand it, and  a dim sum in that we  cannot describe it mathematically. The … Continue reading

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Charybdis and the Oldest Ocean Floor on Earth

A few years back there was a much ballyhooed drilling effort to find some 175 million year old sea floor touted as the “oldest”. Incorrecto qui mo sabe. That particular ocean floor is interesting in its own right (see our … Continue reading

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Too Much on my Plate

I’ve been getting annoyed with the grade school conception of “plate” tectonics where everyone is identifying plates and their relative motions and saying stuff like the Japan Earthquake of 2011 was caused by the Pacific Plate sliding under Japan. It … Continue reading

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Viejo indeed! When the big dog stirrs…

El Viejo, (the old one) is an alternative name developing for the La Niña phase of the El Nino Southern Oscillation, ENSO. Much has been written on the impact of ENSO on global temperature, and many are coming to understand the importance of … Continue reading

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