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Lamarc Col, Muir Pass, Mt. solomons, Charybdis, Mt. Goddard, Echo Col, December, 1976

  We had fallen in love with the moonscape of Muir Pass and the improbable hut there while hiking the John Muir Trail in 1966. No vegetation besides hardy buckwheats and lichen can be seen in any direction from this … Continue reading

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Wild Idea #6743: Possible Impact Signatures in Seafloor Isochrons

Who knows from what depths the well of ideas flows? For me it is often during the liberation of rote manual work that frees some bandwidth while still requiring a minimal level of focus and blood flow to the brain. … Continue reading

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Charybdis and the Oldest Ocean Floor on Earth

A few years back there was a much ballyhooed drilling effort to find some 175 million year old sea floor touted as the “oldest”. Incorrecto qui mo sabe. That particular ocean floor is interesting in its own right (see our … Continue reading

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