I Deny

“Denier!”, in the tone of apostasy. Well, call me the apostate, because I deny. I deny that there is any reasonable scientific evidence that Carbon dioxide will cause catastrophic global warming. I deny this as a naturalist and serious student of geoscience.

I believe that although we have a very good understanding how Caron dioxide behaves in a jar, that this understanding does not translate to the earth systems.

I further believe that current human Carbon dioxide production will have no effect beyond its proportion of the natural carbon cycle (5%) and may well be far less due to negative feedbacks.

I further believe that we live in a glacial period and the biosphere is Carbon dioxide limited. Our Carbon dioxide production will green the planet just as it has greened our commercial greenhouses for decades at five times the current atmospheric level.


“Carbon Prohibitionists”, I respond to my accusers.


I deny. I deny. I deny.‎

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