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A couple interesting papers

Sulfate Burial Constraints on the Phanerozoic Sulfur Cycle Halevy, et al. Science 20 July 2012: 331-334.DOI:10.1126/science.1220224 Rapid Variability of Seawater Chemistry Over the Past 130 Million Years Wortmann, et al. Science 20 July 2012: 334-336.DOI:10.1126/science.1220656 Sulfur has hit the radar. … Continue reading

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Carbon Isotope Excursions and Carbon Limitation of Primary Productivity in the Biosphere

Carbon Isotope Excursions and Carbon Limitation of Primary Productivity in the Biosphere Gordon Lehman, Trunkmonkey, Gymnosperm; sheepherders, ignoramuses all Abstract The conception of natural history as an economic struggle was developed by Geerat Vermeij (1). “Supply side” interpretations of δ13C … Continue reading

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Spreadsheet of Human History

Spreadsheet of human history Spreadsheets are really graphs. This one has time on one axis and space on the other. The space geography is arbitrary but intended to sequence human dispersion from Africa. I have lots of Teaching Company timelines … Continue reading

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How to get your arms around a billion years

Any dog knows that humans have very poor senses of hearing and smelling. We don’t have a very good sense of time either. We really have no sense of our own lifespan, let alone a billion years. Our planet is thought to … Continue reading

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