Not to change the subject or anything…

But I walked into the paint store the other day carrying a can of the paint I had bought there sometime within the last decade to paint my truck and was informed that the no longer carry that kind of paint. They further mentioned that they had to pay about $30,000 to destroy their inventory of this evil paint.

I live on the northern reaches of the (San Francisco) Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Having some experience with this sort of folly I inquired if I might be able to drive a few miles north and get the paint. Sure enough, the answer was yes. The honest chap told me to do it because the old paint was an order of magnitude better than the paint he would be able to sell me.

Might have to rename this site , “What is going on here?”

Can you imagine forcing this poor guy to destroy his inventory of superior product rather than letting him sell it off or at least sell it to someone out of the district?

This is religion, a mean religion I will fight until my last breath.

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