An exceptional walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

An exceptional walk required exceptional procedures. Picture ID, affidavit signed and cosigned, hard hats issued.

Ancient key inserted, old bolts grudgingly lifted, a tiny passageway to the innards of the south tower.

Three human sardines at a time, an elevator so tiny rivets passed an inch from your nose. A dark ladder fifteen feet to a landing and this final few rungs out the portal to the top.

Relief! No exposed pitches in the howling wind. You could have a luncheon up here.

Elation, nerves settled, slightly bummed to be forbidden the last exposed pitch up the ladder to the light even though it was pretty much what my imagination had feared.

An hour, lots of ships


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1 Response to An exceptional walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Omega User says:

    Wow that is incredible that you got to go to the of it. That’s a once in a life-time opportunity. Do you know what the radar dishes are used for?

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