Manual Prayer

We pray with our hands. Not only clasped in church or other supplication, but in the everyday actions of our lives. Cooking and gardening are prayerful acts as is building or repairing things we need. Music, art….


Hands are primate things. Perhaps our simian relatives pray that way too, but they never figured out the hydrocarbon thing. Think about it. Hydrocarbons are carbon and water. Squeeze them and give them spark and they go boom. Next thing you know there is gridlock on the LA freeways.


For a while and then the machine goes boom and must be fixed. Or a new one made which requires more machines to be fixed.

Hydrocarbons are the slime of ancient life. Dead, rotten, yet like all life would have taken over the universe and be expanding outward at the speed of light (kind of like the universe seems to be) had no limits been placed on it. Yet limits there were…

Life has an answer, of course. Create new life!




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