Nature and Chaos

We don’t even know what randomness is. In gambling and cryptography computer algorithms are used to create “pseudo” random strings that are difficult to cipher, but ultimately these are “determined” by the algorithm.

To get “true” randomness we resort to physics. Lava lamps were used, but they were simply analog generators like dice in the universe of Newtonian Physics. We derive true randomness by delving into the parallel universe of quantum physics, the end of science, where nothing is reproducible, where to perceive something we irrevocably change it and even create it in the form it is perceived.

Photon, the god of chaos.

It is as if the universe of quantum were encrypted in a fashion contrary to our nature. Fortunately, quantum is an atomic scale nano universe largely irrelevant at planetary scale.

Life has always stood as a glaring exception to the second law of thermodynamics. The elders of such laws smile indulgently and allow that special exceptions can be made in some circumstances, and that in the case of life, pockets of organization will be allowed.

Very kind of them.

Entropy and chaos, Newtonian and quantum. One is tempted to throw in cacophony. These are enemies of life. It is the nature of life to self organize. To claw and grab and secrete. To perceive photons through the “two slits” of our eyes and derive 3D information.

We submit that life is fully deserving its own law of thermodynamics.

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