The Pacific Doughboy and the Core

Here at the Trunkmonkey Research Institute we’ve been possessed of late by the Doughboys.


This representation is not really very good. It is a plate carree projection extruded as a box. Trouble is, when you bend it round like our planet, the surface, which is 2900 kilometers above the core (CMB) must grow substantially.

In the exercise below we have taken a less sophisticated series of cross sections we could get our hands on and projected it down to the core in Arcglobe. These sections to not show the doughboy extrusion up to the 660 km discontinuity where they flatten out like thunderheads hitting the stratosphere. Oh well, they show the real world position of the lower sections in the globe.


The amazing result of this is that when you center the doughboy in the view, you can see no continents. When you pan it any direction you find one real fast. The doughboy is nearly smack dab in the center of the Pacific ocean if you include what is now called the Southern Ocean.

We believe the doughboys are extrusions from the core.The outer core is molten. It is above the Curie point of Iron and has lost its magnetism. The Doughboy’s edges at least are probably above the Curie point . We believe the Doughboys are the armature of the earth’s magneto.

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