Cold Smoke

Santa Rosa is comfortably away from the fires this year. Last year’s baptism cleaned out the tinder around here. Yet the Camp Fire has given us the peculiar combination of dense smoke and hard frost.

A lot of the particles in wildfire smoke are about the size of the wavelength of visible light, .4 to .7 microns, so they block sunlight effectively, but are relatively transparent to the long wavelength radiation to space from the surface that fosters frost on otherwise dry, clear nights.

Dust masks are designed to filter out particles larger than .3 microns, but this is the average size of the particles in smoke, so the only filter about half of the particles, and the smaller particles they do not filter are considered more dangerous. Most people I have seen have not even bothered to pinch the masks around their noses, which lets all of the particles in. The air would much rather go around than through the mask.

They closed the schools. More of the foolishness that led to the closure of schools for weeks after the fires here last year. Kids live in houses subject to the same conditions as the schools, and schools are better places to reduce activity levels for many kids with working parents. These kids are just turned loose when schools close.

Like cold smoke, foolishness and superstition seems to drive much human behavior.

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