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A bit About Adiabatic, (Without the Devil)

Air does basically two things; either it warms and rises , or it sinks and cools. Winds follow the pressure gradients that emerge between these regimes. Ironically, cold air masses are warming and rising and warm air masses are sinking … Continue reading

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Subjective and Objective

Those who have studied English might call this a “watershed”. As a carpenter and mountaineer I always objected to this term as imprecise because what is really meant is ridge or divide where water flows one way or the other. … Continue reading

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Something In Us Loves a Witch

Something in us loves a witch. We’ve already explored the irrational behavior demonstrated by Prohibition and the Salem Witch Trials. See “Global Warming and Prohibition”. The nature of the human condition is that we are constantly confronted with forces beyond … Continue reading

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Wine, Volcanoes, and the Dioxides

Making wine teaches important lessons about the wee beastie soup we live in, call it the dim sum. It also holds lessons about Carbon and Sulfur. Carbon and Sulfur were instrumental in the evolution of life on this planet, and … Continue reading

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Here’s the Beef, Or the World Economy Explained by a Billion Cows

Grasses coevolved with ungulates (we can call them cows). About 30 million years ago due to declining temperature, humidity, and atmospheric Carbon dioxide¬†a bunch of plants including grasses evolved a more efficient form of photosynthesis called C4. This allowed them … Continue reading

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Study in Science Magazine Shows Strongest El Ninos in 7000 Years Were During Little Ice Age

Kim Cobb and others published January 3 in Science Magazine a paper exploring 18Oxygen in coral cores as old as 7000 years. Living coral was not drilled. While showing some increase in amplitude since 1970, the strongest El Ninos in … Continue reading

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What is it with squares in nature anyway?

Actually, perfect squares are extremely rare in nature. Squares are human constructs. We imagine Pythagoras and the Greek philosophers drawing their squares in the sand, dividing the sides equally, connecting the divisions, and counting the resulting smaller squares to develop … Continue reading

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