El Patron, El Sol

This is what I will be looking like soon. The wages of a Nordic phenotype who spent his life in the sun. Not so much at the beach, although there too when I was younger. High altitude sun, Radon and X-rays from granite monoliths I was climbing, a ridiculous amount of time over 12000′ even as the ozone was waning.

Brad Armstrong

This picture is of Brad Armstrong from his YouTube you can’t miss if you Google Fluorouracil. He looks a bit like me and I love his attitude and shoot eatin’ grin.

I’ll post my picture when I get to week two. No sequestration, no mercy for the bewildered. I’ll tell everyone I’m trying out Halloween costumes, joined a punk band, that it’s the new rage and everyone will be doing it soon.

March bravely to meet your fate.

The first miracle cancer drug from the seventies turned into a skin cream ferrets out hyperactive cells, and may just save us boomers from one of our indulgences.

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