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GRBaV, An Hypothetical Model for Disease Progression

It’s not like we really have a firm understanding why some plants typically produce brilliant red foliage before dropping their leaves and others do not. It has been suggested that anthrocyanins are produced as a sun screen as chlorophyll is … Continue reading

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GRBaV, The Highway Hypothesis

On our highways fossil energy propels nearly incessant rivers of iron and plastic machines at velocities approaching one hundred feet per second. These machines produce billowing vortices of dust, microbes, micronutrients, and exhaust chemicals in the surrounding atmosphere as they … Continue reading

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Grape Vine Red Blotch Associated Virus

Ebola is on our minds, but we easily forget that the biosphere is a churning cauldron of microbes whose tenure on the planet extends back several billion years. They live deep in the earth’s crust. They live in the mesosphere. … Continue reading

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