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A Chronology of Red Blotch

The single strand DNA virus shown to be the causative agent in Red Blotch disease of grapevines will almost certainly become a new genus in the family Geminiviridae. Phylogenetic evidence suggests that GRBaV diverged about 250 million years ago before the … Continue reading

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GRBaV, A Null Hypothesis

As one contemplates the panoramas of red vineyards and walks rows to find disturbingly few completely asymptomatic plants, it is easy to consider a null hypothesis suggested by early notions that red blotch has been around a long time masked by similar symptoms … Continue reading

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Virus and Veins

Whether Ebola infects the blood tube walls directly or causes an immune response that damages them, one of the advanced symptoms is leakage of blood from the tubes or vessels. We know even less about the red blotch virus that … Continue reading

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Grape Vine Red Blotch Associated Virus

Ebola is on our minds, but we easily forget that the biosphere is a churning cauldron of microbes whose tenure on the planet extends back several billion years. They live deep in the earth’s crust. They live in the mesosphere. … Continue reading

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