Naked Apes, Staring Into the Sunrise

We are an arrogant lot. We presumed the universe rotated around us, even positing epicycles upon ever more byzantine epicycles to explain the growing contradictory evidence.

The truth was evident, but incomprehensible.

Burn the evidence, burn the very idea if you can.

Silence the foul oracle.

Feel the drumbeats and believe.


We are mighty, we are the children of God. We exercise our powers by manifest destiny…our fate. We carve the planet to our likeness, presenting a human face to the universe.

Yet we flatter ourselves.

We fool ourselves with our superstitions, with what we suppose we know.

Only in desperation do we ever realize that for all we have learned, for all the dizzying information at our fingertips, we remain:

Naked apes staring into the sunrise.

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