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It happens I have an extremely goofy dog. Teasing him as he thrust his legs in the air as if doing some high hurdle in reverse lying on his back on the couch, he looked over upside down and winked at … Continue reading

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Grape Vine Red Blotch Associated Virus

Ebola is on our minds, but we easily forget that the biosphere is a churning cauldron of microbes whose tenure on the planet extends back several billion years. They live deep in the earth’s crust. They live in the mesosphere. … Continue reading

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Ecology Now!

This exhortation has a strange ring to it now, and it is likely that no one under the age of fifty ever heard it, but  the image above is a poster of an actual flag created by the activist organization … Continue reading

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Nature and Chaos

We don’t even know what randomness is. In gambling and cryptography computer algorithms are used to create “pseudo” random strings that are difficult to cipher, but ultimately these are “determined” by the algorithm. To get “true” randomness we resort to … Continue reading

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Ah, the Frogs

Almost forgot about the frogs. It has been dry, desert dry, in California for so long. They are tiny creatures, like what we used to call “tree” frogs, but they live in the grass. You can never imagine there would … Continue reading

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The Dinosaurs Died for our Sins

The original sin, secondary, tertiary, quaternary sins. Hurricanes, tornadoes are upon us. Quick! Find a witch to burn. Well, at least he saved the weed eater. Not to minimize the tragedies, just the sensationalism. Nobody wants their house trashed and … Continue reading

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The Revenge of Gaia (and the Origional Sin)

Our brains are layered in the same way sedimentary rocks are. In our lower brains lie the basic functions: breathe, eat and drink, thermoregulate, and reproduce. These are Archean functions we share with all living things. All beautiful, non-predictive analogies can be … Continue reading

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